Digital Weekly: Preparing for the End of Google Site Search, the World of Voice Search, & More


This week learn about the end of Google Site Search, voice search trends, the potential future of marketing, and more.

Voice, mobile, and user experience are becoming bigger priorities in modern digital marketing. This week, we keep one foot in the present while reaching for the future of SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.




Content Marketing


Conversion Rate Optimization

Influencer Marketing


Social Media Marketing

  • Dave Burnett (@davecatchinfire) says you should stop selling on social media and focus on using social for 1) initial customer awareness and 2) staying in touch with existing customers.
  • Most social listening tools are based on sifting through text. Mindi Chahal (@MindiChahal) asks if you’re ready for the era of visual listening — understanding what your audience is saying in the images, GIFs, and emojis they share.


The Marketer of the Future

  • How should digital marketers prepare for the future of marketing in a connected world? Clint Poole (@clpB2B) shares three future realities he thinks marketers should prepare for today.

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