Digital Weekly: Project Owl, Constant Content Production, & More


This week, learn about how Google wants to handle fake news, conversion ideas to help tweak your website, inspiring user-generated content, more.

Google’s Project Owl has a lot of people thinking about what they don’t want to see online, but we’re thinking about what you do want to see — which is your content shared far and wide. Check out what top digital marketing authors have been thinking about lately on topics from SEO to social media.



  • Both search engine providers and social media channels struggle to keep fake news at bay. Jeff John Roberts (@jeffjohnroberts) explains Google’s new Project Owl, which lets users call out fake news and hate speech from autocomplete to snippets.
  • The role of user experience, the importance of AMP, and the supremacy of AI — Ryan Shelley (@ryan_shelley) has some predictions for the future of SEO.
  • Sixty percent of searches now take place on mobile devices, and 20 percent of Android phone searches are voice searches, not text searches. Sherry Bonelli (@sherrybonelli) discusses how to optimize your site for voice search. You can also check out this SlideShare from Benu Aggarwal (@benuaggarwal).
  • Limited content? No traffic? No budget? No problem! Neil Patel (@neilpatel) explains how to do SEO for small sites and why SEO isn’t just for big spenders.
  • Another option for small businesses with a limited budget is an SEO training academy that won’t break smaller budgets.


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…And a Little Something Extra

  • Thinking of migrating to a new domain? Jono Alderson (@jonoalderson) says there’s no single definition for site migration. Check out his take on what different people mean when they say “site migration,” discuss why they happen, and explain the importance of having a unified project vision.
  • If you’re in e-commerce and considering giving email marketing a try, or are already but not seeing the engagement or results you want, check out these 11 email templates to try from Sam Thomas Davies (@SamThomasDavies).

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