Digital Weekly: The Post-Update World, Hot Tips on Which Headlines Earn the Share, & More


This week, learn the top reasons clients fire their SEO agencies, what content marketing KPIs you should track, how to boost a startup with influencers, and more.

How do you succeed as a digital marketer when Google is keeping mum about its algorithm updates? Digital Weekly is here to help you navigate this brave new world and offer the latest buzz from the world of digital marketing.




Content Marketing


Conversion Rate Optimization

Influencer Marketing


Social Media Marketing


…And a Little Something Extra

  • Check out this e-commerce case study of a company that sells tickets to concerts and sporting events online — a company with three-fourths of its traffic originating on mobile — and see how AMP boosted their conversions.
  • Some food for thought: Does Facebook have a responsibility for how its community is used, now that it’s passed over 2 billion users? Josh Constine (@joshconstine) thinks so, and he thinks that sense of responsibility is why Mark Zuckerberg has been on the road.
  • What sets a great CMO apart from the average one? Find out by studying this comprehensive guide to the anatomy of a CMO from NGData (@ngdata_com)

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